Can the Kings win a third straight title?

There is a lot to like about the Kings.

They have won four straight.

They’re loaded with talent.

And they have one of the deepest rosters in the NHL.

But they also have a hot issue: They’re chasing another Stanley Cup.

It’s a problem that’s been brewing in the city of Sacramento for the past few years.

There have been rumors, and there have been reports, that the Kings are close to landing an expansion team, but they haven’t been confirmed or denied.

The team has been on the market for several months.

The Kings have had two attempts at a team in recent years.

In 2011, the team announced a bid to join the NHL’s Western Conference, but the bid was never taken seriously.

In 2015, they announced a proposal to move to the AHL and open a new arena.

The AHL had some interest in the Kings, but those talks fell through.

In 2018, they came close to moving, but then the city and arena districts decided not to go along with the plan.

So they went back to the drawing board.

It didn’t take long for some local politicians to try to move the Kings to another city, though the team and city had an agreement to keep the team in Sacramento.

That agreement expired in 2020, but there are signs that the team is still looking to move.

The Los Angeles Kings have three games left in the 2018-19 regular season and two more games in the 2019-20 season.

The Anaheim Ducks have two games left and are playing their second-round series against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

But the Kings have to get through the playoffs in order to be a serious contender in the Pacific Division.

And if they do, there will be a lot riding on the team’s next season.

Sacramento is known for being a basketball hotbed, but basketball is not their game.

The Sacramento Kings are a hockey hotbed.

Sacramento has a rich history of hockey in Sacramento and across the country.

In the early 2000s, the Kings played the first NHL game at the old Stockyards Arena in downtown Sacramento.

There are some NHL teams in Sacramento, but it’s mostly teams from the Pacific or Eastern conferences.

The current Kings team is led by coach Dave Joerger, who played his college hockey at Sacramento State University.

He was named the Kings’ General Manager in 2014, replacing Dave Tippett, who left the organization for the Arizona Coyotes.

The city of Kings has been a basketball town for the last half century, dating back to when the team was the Kings of the West Coast.

The downtown arena has been used as home for the Sacramento Kings for the best part of 30 years.

But as the team has grown and diversified, the arena has become more of a hockey arena, a place where fans can go to watch the game on television.

Kings fans know that the arena isn’t a place to enjoy a good game of basketball.

And as the Kings moved into a new downtown arena, some fans began to question the city’s decision to keep its basketball team in a different city.

“I was really frustrated when we didn’t get a team to Sacramento, because I knew that there was a lot of support out there,” said David Gavaris, a Sacramento Kings fan who grew up in nearby Richmond.

“We know what the history of Sacramento is.

We know that it’s a great hockey city, but we didn and we didn.

The only thing that we really got out of Sacramento was a hockey team, which we haven’t had in a long time.”

Sacramento has become the Kings most loyal fanbase.

But there’s one other part of the city that has also grown more and more loyal.

The area around the Kings arena is known as the Sacramento Gold Rush.

The name is derived from the city, where a gold rush began when gold was discovered in the mines.

The gold was used in the construction of the first Transcontinental Railroad.

The term Gold Rush is a play on the word gold rush, the kind of rush that occurs during a gold mining season.

In many ways, the Gold Rush has evolved into a modern-day sporting tradition, as the Gold Stars games have been televised in arenas across the United States.

In 2017, the Golden State Warriors hosted the Golden Knights for a pair of preseason games.

In 2019, the Sacramento Republic hosted the Sacramento Rattlers for their first preseason game.

In 2020, the Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Kings for their second preseason game, and the Sacramento Stars hosted the Los Angeles for their third preseason game in 2019.

But these games aren’t a big part of a team’s identity, said Paul Wulff, a sports reporter and author who writes about the Golden States.

He thinks it’s the Kings game that has the most staying power.

“The game that you see on television most of the time is the Kings,” Wulf said.

“But I think the fans who love the Kings and are passionate

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