G.D. issues new regulations for ‘hot issue’ define

Hot issues are those that are deemed “hot” for the political landscape and are ripe for action by the government.

The list is wide, but the biggest is defined as “the hot issue” for a political action committee.

Here’s a look at some of the hot topics and what they could mean for the 2016 presidential election:1.

Hot gun The NRA, for example, could take issue with some of Trump’s attacks on the Second Amendment, which he claims is a threat to the nation’s safety.

If the GOP can take a stand against this “hot issue,” they could find themselves on the wrong side of the gun rights movement.2.

Hot issue Trump has repeatedly said he would consider banning people from entering the country if he wins the White House.

If he becomes president, the NRA could easily make him reconsider that position.3.

Hot topic Trump has been criticized for not taking the heat from the NRA for the deaths of 20 police officers and three civilians in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The NRA has responded that he has the right to speak his mind on the issue, but it’s hard to say whether he has.4.

Hot item The GOP should not allow itself to be drawn into an ideological fight over gun control.

As the 2016 elections get closer, the gun control debate could heat up.

If Trump and the NRA are able to rally support for a bill that they believe will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and people with mental health issues, that could be the winning issue.5.

Hot ticket The NRA could become more aggressive on its push for tighter gun control measures, especially if they are able, as in the case of the Manchin-Toomey amendment, to convince voters that their policies are the right ones.

Trump could make it more difficult for Republican senators to oppose the amendment by accusing them of not being honest about what they would do to fight gun violence.6.

Hot spot The NRA may find that it has lost a key backer in the wake of its support for the Manchins legislation.

The National Rifle Association has said it will no longer be a party to any gun control legislation and has pledged to help the Democrats come up with a plan to prevent future gun violence if they win the White of the South.

That could be a big problem for the GOP.7.

Hot button The gun rights issue could be used as a hot button issue by the NRA to win support among Democrats, who will be able to argue that the GOP is too extreme to control guns.

The group could use it as an excuse to go on a national TV campaign to encourage people to vote Democratic, potentially driving up support for Democrats.8.

Hot political issue The NRA might have to consider whether it would want to engage in this fight at all, given the political climate that it finds itself in.

The political environment could become increasingly partisan if the NRA continues to oppose gun control in the face of increasing gun violence in the U.S. The organization could find itself on the receiving end of some criticism for this stance.9.

Hot cause The NRA’s efforts could prove decisive in the coming months if the GOP comes out in support of legislation that would make it easier for people to legally buy guns, which is the most important gun control issue facing the country.

The gun lobby could find a new ally in the new Democratic Congress if Democrats take a tougher stance on gun control than they have so far.10.

Hot subject The NRA is going to be the biggest player in this election, especially in the presidential race.

If it wants to make its case for a new gun control law, it’s going to have to put the gun lobby on notice.

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