How hot is the hot issue research?

As of last week, the research firm Hot Issue Research was the only company to report that Australians were more likely to have a hot issue in their lives.

A similar number of Australians reported experiencing a hot or hot burning issue in the past year, with many reporting a hot one at least once a month.

Hot Issue’s report found Australians were much more likely than the average Australian to report having a hot problem in their life.

But, what does this mean for their finances?

How hot issues are trending?

Hot Issue’s research suggests that Australians have become more prone to having hot issues in the last five years.

More than a quarter of Australians said they had a hot burning problem.

Hot issues are a common part of life in Australia, with nearly three quarters of Australians reporting at least one hot issue every month.

In fact, the hot issues category has grown by almost half in five years, from 8 per cent in 2011 to 19 per cent last year.

This is a trend that Hot Issue believes is tied to the “bubble effect” in the stock market.

This is the phenomenon in which a growing number of people, who had previously been unable to buy a stock, are now able to do so by selling it for a higher price than it was previously worth.

In the past five years Hot Issue found that Australians with a hot-burning issue were more than four times more likely then average to have their financial situation negatively impacted.

But what does hot burning mean in the real world?

The hot issues research shows that Australians are more likely in the short term to experience a hot fire or a hot water leak than they are in the long term.

In fact, one in four Australians had experienced a hot leak in the year that Hot Issues began tracking.

But this could be due to the way hot issues get reported.

Hot issues may be more common than hot fires or hot water leaks, but Hot Issue does not recommend that people avoid having hot problems.

Hot Issues research found that just under one in six Australians who experienced a problem reported experiencing hot problems in the same year.

Hot Issues research suggests hot issues can be a problem in the workplace too.

A large number of Australian workers have experienced hot issues, but there are signs they are getting less frequent.

Hot Issue research also suggests that hot issues may become more prevalent in the future, as the economy continues to recover.

However, Hot Issue warns Australians should keep their expectations low for hot issues.

Hot issue research has also found that hot fires and hot water issues are more prevalent than hot water and hot fire issues, with over two-thirds of Australian respondents reporting at one point or another experiencing a fire or hot leak.

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