How to deal with a fake news tweet from your Facebook timeline

A fake news story about a high-profile politician has become the subject of a viral social media campaign by users of the popular social media platform Facebook.

The fake news post from the Washington Post claimed that President Donald Trump had endorsed a group of “birthers” who claimed President Barack Obama had been born in Kenya.

The Post’s story said it was based on a post on the White House’s verified account and did not come from a news organization, nor did it have a verified editor.

In a post to the White, the Post said that a few weeks ago, “I had an epiphany that we should be talking about the reality of President Trump and his agenda, not the fake news that he feeds off of.”

The story said the Trump administration is considering the possibility of withdrawing support for the Paris Climate Accord and was also considering pulling the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade agreement that has already been a sore point for the Trump Administration.

In an earlier post on Facebook, the WashingtonPost said the post was based off a story from the British newspaper The Guardian and that it was not an official White House account.

The Washington Post’s original post was later taken down by Facebook, and the article was later reposted with a new title.

The New York Times, the New York Post, and other news outlets were also quick to report on the hoax and post the debunking on Twitter.

It is not clear who the source of the Post story is.

The post was shared over 1,000 times on Facebook.

It was first posted to Twitter on Nov. 16, and has been retweeted more than 15,000 people since it was posted on Nov, 20.

The President has since taken to social media to defend his tweets, and said that he is a strong supporter of the Paris Accord.

The president has called the Paris accord, which he has called a “disaster” that will make America “less safe,” a “terrible” deal that will have “catastrophic consequences” for the United States.

In his own post, the President wrote, “Paris is a disaster that will hurt our economy, our jobs, and our country.

And Paris will hurt American businesses and our citizens the most.

And I want to be the one to make sure that our citizens are protected from the worst effects of this horrible agreement.”

On Friday, the White said that it has removed all posts from the official Whitehouse account, and it has suspended the verified account of the Washington Times and the New Yorkers Daily News.

The White House has since posted on Twitter that the President has “refused to comment.”

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