How to get out of a traffic jam without being arrested

Police in Houston are working on a new technology that could prevent people from getting in trouble if they get stuck in traffic.

The idea behind the new technology is to provide police officers with a mobile app that allows them to quickly find a police car if it appears a person is about to drive away.

Officers can also use it to warn drivers if they are getting into a high-speed chase.

It is also a first for Houston.

It will be the first city in the country to use the technology to identify if a vehicle is being pursued.

Houston police Chief Art Acevedo said he expects the technology will save the department a lot of time and money.

He said he hopes the technology is used to help officers find a person in a high speed chase.

Acevedos office received hundreds of applications for the technology from people looking to use it.

The police department is planning to launch the technology on Monday.

It has been in development for about a year, but only started using it Monday.

The technology will only be available in limited numbers.