How to get through a hot day

The issue with getting through a busy day in Australia is that the sun’s rays are usually at peak intensity, so even when the weather is cool and there’s a steady breeze, the sun will still shine.

But when the heat is on, the rays are much weaker, so it’s not as bright as it is at the other end of the scale.

And there’s no time for that.

If you’re trying to get a good day’s sleep, then the best option is to avoid bright lights, such as windows or even those in the shade.

And if you want to take in a lot of the sun, you might want to wear sunglasses.

But what if you don’t want to go outside?

The answer is to take the time to get the sun off.

Here are a few tips on how to take advantage of the hot weather in Australia: Avoid the bright lights in the day, and be careful not to look through them when they’re dark.

You can’t wear sunglasses under the sun.

Try not to be too close to a window or other light source.

This could include going outside or on the ground, or even using a flashlight.

This is especially true if the sun is at peak intensities, when you might not be able to see it clearly at all.

Instead, make sure to get out and enjoy the sun and enjoy a cold drink or two.

When you’re ready to head home, check your weather conditions.

If the sun isn’t shining, then it’s time to turn on the hot water, because it will make the sun even hotter and last longer.

It’s not always a good idea to get outside in a hurry, however.

The hot weather can be unpredictable, and if it’s too hot or too cold, you could be more likely to be sick.

In the event of an emergency, seek medical advice, and stay inside if possible.