How to navigate the heat in the spotlight

There’s a lot of things that can get you into hot water when it comes to the Canadian Press.

There’s the fact that you’re the first to write about it.

And that the story is almost entirely about your personal life.

But there’s also the fact you’re covering a hot spot issue.

And in Canada, it’s about two hot spots in particular: homelessness and climate change.

The issue of homelessness is the hot spot, because it’s the most important of all the hot spots.

You have a lot going on.

There are thousands of people living on the streets of Calgary.

And there’s a whole community of homeless people living in downtown Calgary, in Vancouver and in Edmonton.

And they’re all in desperate need of shelter, and there are a lot, a lot more, in the Lower Mainland.

But if you’re a journalist covering homelessness, the first thing that you need to do is ask yourself if it’s a hot topic, if you can get the stories across, if the stories are accurate, and you want to have some impact on it.

And there are some problems.

So let’s look at what it is.

You’ve got this idea that we can just talk about homelessness and all that.

Well, no, we can’t.

Because we’re not dealing with the homelessness.

We’re dealing with mental health issues.

We’ve got the economy.

And we’ve got crime.

We haven’t got the drug trade.

We can’t talk about the housing crisis.

We have a social problem.

And it’s hard for the reporter to get to the heart of the problem, because you’re dealing, as the journalist said, with a hot subject, but you’re also dealing with an important, complicated problem.

And this is what the CBC’s reporting on, and this is the CBC story, is that homelessness is a hot, difficult issue.

Homeless people are dying at alarming rates.

In a study done in 2017, over one-third of homeless youth aged 15 to 19 had been found dead within a year.

There were over 500 homeless youth deaths in 2017 alone.

And over 1,000 youth died in Calgary in 2017.

And one of the things that’s most striking about that study was that almost half of the homeless youth who died in the Calgary area died from alcohol-related causes.

The most common type of alcohol-induced death among homeless youth was a suicide.

There was a number of factors behind this.

And for young people, particularly homeless youth, alcohol is a gateway drug.

They can’t get into a safe space to talk to someone and talk about their problems.

And so the way that they’re going to die is through suicide.

So that’s something that’s hard to do in the first place.

And yet, in 2017 they published a story that was absolutely true.

And you can read that story.

There is a story about that.

And the other thing is that you’ve got a crisis in the way we talk about poverty.

You see it on social media all the time.

We see it in the headlines, and we hear about it on TV and on radio.

And these are all things that are happening, and these are the things you need for a story to work.

So what you need is to understand how poverty affects homelessness, and how poverty impacts homelessness.

And homelessness is an issue that’s often underreported.

There isn’t much research on it, and so there’s no way to really tell you how many people are living in homelessness.

You need to know that.

So when you talk about it, you have to be honest with yourself.

You’ve got to be willing to listen to what the community is saying about homelessness, because homelessness is just a part of homelessness.

So you have this whole idea of, well, we need to build more shelters, we have to find more resources to address the problem of homelessness, but we have no funding.

You know, there’s just no money for housing.

And what’s worse is that we don’t know how to address poverty.

So we’re spending a lot on it in some areas.

And as a result, homelessness is rising.

But the homeless crisis in Canada isn’t getting better.

The homeless crisis is getting worse.

The way we think about poverty in Canada is that it’s this, well the homeless are not doing well, so it’s time for us to do something about that, and that’s what this story is about.

And it’s not just a story of homeless children dying in the streets.

It’s a story with homeless adults and youth, people living at home, who are experiencing serious health issues and are at risk of dying in their beds because of that.

You can read about the story.

It is a tragic story.

And I think it’s important for journalists to be able to hear that story, to see the story of how people are dealing with this problem.

So what is homelessness

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