RTE has a top-ten list of the most hotly contested policy issues 2016

RTE’s Top Ten Policy Issues 2016 list is a look at the ten issues that RTE believes are the most contested in the country today.

The list also looks at which policy areas have received the most public scrutiny in recent years.

“This list of Top Ten policy issues is a snapshot of the current debate on key issues in Ireland.

This is a work in progress and is subject to change,” said Paul Walsh, RTE policy director.”

However, this year’s list is representative of the major issues facing our country.

We want it to reflect the public mood and public debate that we are seeing on the ground.”

This year’s issue list covers a number of different issues, including:The Irish Government has set a target to reduce the number of people in hospital and has taken steps to cut the number and number of emergency department visits.

However, a report published earlier this year by the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) found that hospitals in rural areas still saw more than twice as many patients per head as hospitals in urban areas.

In response, the Department of Health announced the launch of the “Health for All” campaign.

It will see all hospitals in Ireland open up emergency departments to all patients, including those who have already been admitted, for free.

The Irish Department of Social Protection (DSPS) has announced plans to increase the number to 1,500 beds for each patient.

In a move that is likely to be seen as a hit to the health system, this will mean the number will double.

The department has also announced plans for a new social care system that will see the introduction of a number more mental health and drug and alcohol treatment units.

While there is no shortage of policy issues, the list does highlight some of the areas where the public have voiced strong opinions.RTE has already seen a number that have been discussed in recent months, and has also published a report highlighting the “Halloween controversy”.

The list is not exhaustive, but it does highlight the issues that are hotly contested and that have the potential to have a big impact on public opinion.

For example, the report highlighted the need to ensure the health of all vulnerable people in society, including vulnerable children, those with mental health issues, and those with physical or learning disabilities.

“A new report from the Irish National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (INAH) and the Institute of Psychiatry has found that the social care crisis is one of the greatest public health challenges facing the country.

They also found that we need to develop a robust system to reduce waiting times and increase the availability of health services.

Achieving these goals will be essential to achieving Ireland’s 2020 goal of reducing waiting times to a decade.

In addition, the authors recommend that we invest in a new mental health system to be able to treat people with mental illness.

This system should include a range of services and interventions, as well as specialist services and support, to help people to improve their mental health.

This could include a social care framework to address mental health needs.”

The list also highlights the issue of the rising number of cases of people with a life-threatening illness, such as cancer, HIV, or other life-limiting illnesses.

This issue has been of great concern in recent times, and RTE is working with other organisations to try and find a way forward.”RTE is very concerned about the rising incidence of people dying due to these conditions.

We have already launched a campaign to help raise awareness and encourage the public to get involved in this issue.

We hope that the Government will take action to support the fight against the rising numbers of these diseases and make a contribution to saving lives,” said Walsh.

“There is an urgent need for us to tackle this crisis and make sure we are prepared to deal with the people that are dying in our hospitals.”

The Irish Independent has more on the health crisis in Ireland in our series The Irish Crisis.

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