The Big Bang Theory’s Big Bang: Why the world’s biggest question is finally answered

“What is it?” said the scientist, “It is the fundamental nature of the universe.”

The answer was “Nothing.”

I’m not sure what to make of the science that’s been presented by the scientific community over the past decade.

The answer is probably a little like what I thought was going to happen.

We were going to find a particle or a force that was so powerful that it would change the fabric of the Universe, and we would be able to measure it.

And then we would see that the Universe was radically altered.

What we’re seeing is a result of the search for the Big Bang, which is not only the biggest, most spectacular, most important event in the history of the cosmos, but also the most important single event in history.

It has profound consequences.

If you’re not a physicist, you’re going to get the same answer: There’s nothing.

And I’m not just talking about the result of that search.

The Universe is fundamentally the same thing, with the same fundamental laws and fundamental constants, that it was in the beginning, with all the matter and all the energy.

But it’s not a bang.

If the Big Boom had happened in the past, it would have happened a long time ago.

The universe was already a tiny fraction of its current size.

The Big Boom would have lasted for just a few hundred thousand years, and then the universe would have been all but extinguished.

And you would have seen the result.

But the universe is not a single, massive explosion.

The big bang is not the beginning of a universe that has been slowly reshaping itself ever since.

Instead, the Big Big Bang happened about 10 billion years ago, just after the big bang itself, which we call the Big Crunch.

The big bang was caused by the formation of the very first stars.

These were stars of hydrogen and helium that were too small to have formed in the Big Oort cloud.

But these were the first stars, and so they are the ones we see today.

The stars are nothing but tiny bits of hydrogen, helium, and dark matter, which together form the building blocks of the galaxies and the planets in the Universe.

But the first star was a black hole, a supermassive black hole.

The first stars were also made of dark matter.

It’s been known for more than two billion years that the stars and galaxies that we see around us are made up of these very dark matter particles, and that’s why the Universe is expanding and expanding.

We can measure these particles and measure the mass of those dark matter bits, and the mass that they contain, and all of this is consistent with the idea that the universe has a black holes that make up the stars.

But when we look at the results of the Big Bounce, we’re not seeing these objects.

Instead of being stars, they’re the remnants of an early, massive object that exploded, and it just exploded in a completely different way.

We can measure the amount of energy that the black hole released, and this is what we find.

In other words, the amount that the Big Busters put out in a billion years is equivalent to a little less than the energy of a billion suns.

That’s what it’s all about.

The Big Bang is the biggest bang in the History of the Cosmos.

It started when the Universe went through the first massive expansion.

But it’s the biggest single event ever.

In fact, it is the largest single event, which means that in the time since the Big bang, it has lasted for ten billion years.

It is the Big Universe, or Big Bang.

And we can measure it, but we don’t know the mass, the size, or the composition of the big universe.

We’re not sure why the Big Booze didn’t get to be a bang sooner.

The theory that the Earth was born from a bang, a really big bang, has been around since the dawn of astronomy.

But that theory has not been supported by the evidence.

The Earth was not created from a big bang.

It was created from the Big Booms of the early Universe, from which we now derive the planets.

But because the Big boom was so enormous, the Earth is now smaller than it was then.

So it’s a little bit like a little puppy that gets into a little car.

So, for the first time, we can actually measure the energy that has gone into the Earth.

But we don, because we don of the data.

We know the answer to the question “What was it?” because we know the laws that govern it.

The laws of physics are not really that complicated.

They’re not very well understood.

But there are the most fundamental constants of the physics that govern the Universe and everything else in the universe.

And if you’re willing to think about the fundamental laws of nature in terms of these fundamental constants and the energy they represent, then you can come up with a

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