Watch out for new ‘silly’ new holiday rules for employers

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced new rules for some companies.

The new rules, which were introduced on Wednesday, will require businesses to pay up to $250,000 in penalties if they do not disclose whether they are hiring a “silly employee”.

It’s the latest move in a series of moves by the ACCC to stop businesses using the “silliness” exemption.

Key points:The ACCC says it will require firms to disclose a “fair and reasonable” amount of information about the employee’s background, work history and other relevant dataThe new rule also applies to companies that do not have an employee’s “full name and address”The ACCCC says the rules apply to both public and private sector businessesThe rules are part of the new “Employment Policies and Procedures Act” which will make it illegal for a business to discriminate on the basis of age, disability, race, sex, gender identity or sexual orientation.

“This new Act will make sure that Australian businesses can continue to operate without discrimination on the grounds of age and disability,” ACCC chief executive Ian Narev said in a statement.

The ACCCE is currently conducting a survey of Australia’s large and small business.

If the survey is positive, it will be published later this year.

“We will publish an annual report and take steps to ensure businesses are following the right policies and procedures, including the disclosure of the ‘sillness exemption’,” the ACCCE said in its statement.

The commission has been in contact with businesses about the rules and has promised to ensure that companies comply with the new regulations.

“While we have not yet identified all companies that will be affected by the proposed regulations, we are committed to ensuring that all Australians are protected from discrimination,” the commission said.

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