When does Android Wear get a big upgrade?

We’ve been waiting for a big Android Wear update since last September.

Now we’re getting our first look at a design that we’ll likely be using a lot.

The company is making a number of big improvements to the OS and we’re happy to see some of them coming.

The biggest is the fact that it’s a new design language for the device, and we’ve seen that it brings with it new features.

Android Wear is now completely native, meaning you can use the device with a phone or a tablet.

The app will automatically show the latest notifications, and notifications will also appear on your watch.

It’s not exactly a big deal, but it’s something that’s worth taking note of.

WearOS 1.1, which is coming to Google’s Android devices next month, brings a lot of improvements to Wear’s notifications.

For starters, the app is now using the same layout as the Android Wear watch.

This is a big step forward in terms of clarity.

You’ll be able to see a lot more information on your wrist when it’s not too dark out.

The new watch face is designed to show the weather and the time, as well as the time zone and other information.

It also supports more colors, so you can choose to show a lot darker or light.

It doesn’t stop there.

The watch face also supports notifications that can show you messages or alerts in a more elegant way.

For example, if you tap on an alert, you’ll see a notification on the watch with a notification icon.

The notifications are automatically displayed as you swipe to the left on your screen, so it’s easy to read.

Another nice thing about the new watch faces is that you can now use multiple devices on your phone and tablet simultaneously.

There’s also a notification indicator that lets you know when you’ve received an alert on your mobile device.

Wear is an Android Wear device, so that means there are Android Wear apps that support the OS.

But the main thing we’re excited about is the new notifications.

They’re much cleaner and easier to read, and the icons are much more legible.

You can even swipe up on the notification bar to open it up, so there’s more of a reason to use your phone.

You won’t be able do this on iOS, but the same thing applies to the Android version.

So you’re going to see the new icons on Android Wear devices more often than you might expect.

There are still some bugs that have to be ironed out, and Android Wear has a lot to do before the updates hit.

The first of those bugs will be getting notifications to appear on devices with Bluetooth keyboards.

We’ve heard from users who had issues getting notifications on these devices, and this is something that needs to be addressed.

The other big thing that’s coming with WearOS is a redesigned notification bar.

You’ve probably seen this before, but now it looks a lot better.

It feels much more streamlined and you can tap to show your notifications right away.

Another big addition to Wear is a new option that lets users switch between the main screen and a new notification bar at any time.

When a notification is displayed, a new button will appear on the main notification bar, which you can then use to open up the notification or tap the icon to dismiss it.

This also allows you to toggle notifications from being shown to being hidden.

When the notification is dismissed, the new notification will also be shown, so when you dismiss it, it’ll automatically disappear.

It sounds a lot like a notification bar but it does make the notification more useful.

Wear has also improved the way that you see notifications on the phone.

The icons on your home screen are now much more distinct.

You’re going see more icons when it comes to things like your phone’s music or video notifications.

There is also a new way to see what notifications are coming in a notification.

Instead of tapping on a notification, you can swipe down on the bar to bring up the Notification Center, which lets you see the notifications that are currently displayed.

You might be thinking, this looks a little similar to the notifications on Android, but this time you can see what is currently displayed on the screen.

This means that you’ll be better able to decide which notification to open.

This notification is shown on your right side of the screen and it looks much nicer than before.

It displays a small icon next to the text that says, “This is what you see when you swipe from top to bottom”.

You’ll also see an icon next the notification icon that shows a list of the current notifications.

When you tap the notification, it will display an expanded view of the notification.

You also see more information at the bottom of the Notification center, which includes the name, the category, the time it’s been shown, and more.

When your notification is dismissing, the notification will now fade away, and you’ll no longer see it on the Notification bar.

This change is also

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