When should you buy a new laptop?

It’s no secret that most of us spend more time working from home than at our desk, but a recent study has shown that our desktops are actually far more productive than our laptops.

In fact, we spend more on our desk than we spend on our laptops, according to a study from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which also looked at the productivity of the people who work at their desks.

However, according in the study, most of this productivity comes from what we’re doing in our own homes.

It’s actually the computers that are the most productive part of the office.

The study surveyed more than 500 US workers and found that those who work from home are actually spending more time in their own homes than on their desk.

It found that people working from their homes were spending 2.7 hours per day on their own devices, while those working from the office were spending 7.6 hours per year on their devices.

And it’s not just on their phones.

More than half of the US workers surveyed said that they would spend more than three hours a day on social media while they were working from a mobile phone, while more than two thirds said they would use an internet connection while they worked from home.

However the report found that the average US worker was spending 1.8 hours per week working from an internet-connected device, which is less than the average for the UK, where people are spending 3.1 hours per working day from a smartphone.

What is the impact of the internet?

One of the key aspects of the study was to look at the impact that the internet has on the lives of the workers, who were asked to work from their own home and use their phones in the office while working.

The researchers then calculated how much time each of the employees spent on the internet and compared that to their productivity in the work day.

It turns out that people who are working from personal computers are actually using a larger amount of time on the devices than people working at their desk, as a percentage of their working time.

This is despite there being no impact on their productivity.

So what is it that makes a person spend more hours working from your computer?

According to the AIA study, it’s more than just the hours spent on social networking and gaming, as the people working on the desktop are also spending more hours on their personal devices.

According to Dr. Jochen F. Schindler, an economist at the A&M University, this is the main reason why people spend more and more time at home.

He said that while people who spend more or less time on their phone are spending more and are spending less and less time working on their desktop, the reason why the average person spends so much time at their work is because of the social network apps that they use.

Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are great tools for building relationships with people.

They’re also good at connecting people with their friends and family, which helps build a better sense of community.

Schinkler said that this can be especially beneficial in the workplace, where there are often people who have to use these tools on a daily basis.

However he added that it’s important to remember that this is just one part of what people spend time on, and it doesn’t necessarily correlate to the amount of work they do.

“There are lots of factors that influence productivity, but what I do think is important is that you don’t just look at what people are doing from their computers, but also from their mobile phones, and this is really important in the future of work,” Schindlers told Business Insider.

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