When Will Donald Trump Win The Election?

Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election will determine whether America has a Republican majority in the United States Senate or a Democratic majority in Congress, a new Harvard-Harris poll shows.

The poll, which was conducted between May 23 and 26, shows that while Trump was a clear winner in the popular vote, the election will be decided in the Senate and the White House by a margin of 2.6 million to 1, according to the poll.

Trump’s support among registered voters fell from 58% in the last ABC News/Washington Post poll to 42% in this poll, a drop of 6 percentage points.

That is a 2.5 percentage point drop, or 8 percentage points, from the previous ABC News poll in March, which showed that 57% of registered voters backed Trump.

While Trump won the popular and Electoral College votes, Clinton garnered 270 electoral votes, a lead that is more than the 270 electoral college votes she received in the 2016 election.

The margin between the two is now nearly 4 million votes.

According to the new poll, the biggest surprise in the poll is the rise of the Republican Party among Democrats.

While 54% of Democrats support the GOP, that is up from 43% in March.

That jump in support among Democrats has occurred since March, and it has not changed since that time, when only 36% of Democratic voters supported the GOP.

The rise of Trump among Democrats is not new.

The Republican Party has been gaining support among voters with higher levels of education, income and religion in the past year, and those voters are more likely to back Trump than Democrats, the poll shows, with Trump’s support rising from 47% among those with less than a college degree in March to 58% now.

The most common reason voters cited for their support of Trump was that they were concerned about the nation’s security, and that he was a strong leader who could be trusted with the nation at this time, the survey shows.

Among Trump’s supporters, 43% said they were worried about the national security, a 3-point jump from the last poll, and a 10-point increase since March.

In other key findings from the poll, 61% of Republicans said they would vote for a Republican to be their party’s nominee in November if Trump was the nominee, up from 53% in December.

In a hypothetical match-up against a Democratic candidate, 71% of GOP primary voters would vote Trump, compared to 53% who would support a Democrat.

More than half (55%) of Republican primary voters said they are more supportive of a Republican candidate for president in 2020, up 6 percentage point from last year.

Among Democrats, 61%, said they will support a Democratic nominee if a Republican was their nominee in 2020.