When will this issue be resolved?

On the morning of December 18, 2017, ABC News and the BBC launched a two-part investigation into allegations that Australian media outlets, including the ABC, were censoring and suppressing views critical of the Muslim community.

It was the first time the ABC has attempted to investigate and hold to account those in the media who are allegedly suppressing or abusing views that are considered offensive.

The investigation is still ongoing, and a review of ABC News content and operations will take place in the next few weeks.

The ABC will not be providing any further comment at this time.


Com.au asked the ABC’s general manager of news, James Loughlin, if there would be any changes in the way the ABC conducts editorial and editorial management of controversial issues.

“I think that the ABC is committed to delivering the highest standards of news and analysis to our audience,” he replied.

“We take a range of issues, from climate change to inequality to Indigenous issues, and the ABC remains the most influential and trusted news source in Australia.”

We take an active role in the process of reviewing and reporting on all matters related to those issues, so we continue to make sure we are providing a fair and balanced coverage of those matters.

“The ABC also took the unprecedented step of publishing an open letter from all employees of the ABC that outlined a series of concerns and grievances.

The letter is available online.

The following is an extract from the letter: Newsrooms have long been known to be extremely sensitive to the views of staff and it’s clear that ABC employees are not immune to the effects of this.

Our staff have experienced abuse, intimidation, bullying and threats in our newsrooms, including online, and have experienced a series at the workplace of people who are hostile, intimidating, threatening and disrespectful of our colleagues, our values and our workplace culture.

I am deeply troubled that our workplace environment has become so toxic and that our workforce continues to feel so threatened by colleagues who hold views different from their own.

I know that the current climate in the workplace is creating a climate of fear for our staff and I am committed to making sure that the views and opinions of our workforce are not silenced.

In this climate, I feel that it is my responsibility as the general manager to ensure that our workplaces are free of any harmful behaviour or behaviours that contribute to the toxic environment in which our staff live.

I will ensure that we conduct ourselves with integrity, civility and respect.

We have seen a number of reports of the suppression of views critical, including that of the Grand Mufti of Australia, Abdul Aziz.

It is not surprising that the general managers of the major ABC newspapers are upset at this.

On Monday, ABC general manager for news, David Parker, told News.

The article has been amended to reflect that the report was issued on the morning after the ABC released a statement on the matter.”

In the absence of an investigation, I can’t be sure that it will ever happen, but I can tell you that I have heard from people who have reported it to me,” he said.

The article has been amended to reflect that the report was issued on the morning after the ABC released a statement on the matter.

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