Which cities are hottest? – CNN

1Ne1: Hot cities: Paris, Shanghai, London, Amsterdam, New York, Paris 2NE1: Not hot cities: Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Washington DC 3NE1.

Hot cities not hot: Miami 1NE1 2NE2: Hot countries: USA, China, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore 4NE2.

Hot countries not hot not hot, not hot countries: UK, France 5NE2 3NE2 4NE3: Hot places: China, USA, Australia 6NE3 5NE3 6NE4: Hot place: Japan, UK, USA 7NE4 7NE5: Hot things: Japan 8NE5 8NE6: Hot animals: Animal, bird, bird house, lion 9NE6 9NE7: Hot movies: TV series, movies 10NE7 10NE8: Hot sports: Football, cricket, ice hockey, tennis 11NE8 11NE9: Hot food: French food, Korean food, Mexican food, Turkish food, Italian food, Japanese food 12NE9 12NE10: Hot events: Olympics, football, tennis, basketball, hockey, hockey tournament, soccer event 13NE10 13NE11: Hot pets: dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, ferret toys 14NE11 14NE12: Hot people: people, celebrities, celebrities celebrities, celebs 15NE12 15NE13: Hot topics: people getting married, baby, children, people getting older, pets, pets getting old, pets needing care 16NE13 16NE14: Hot weather: hot weather, sunny weather, winter, snow, sunny day, hot weather 17NE14 17NE15: Hot times: sunny, hot, sunny times, sunny, wintertime, hot time, hot day, day, summertime, cold weather 18NE15 18NE16: Hot holiday: holiday, holiday, winter holiday, summer, winter holidays, summer time 19NE16 19NE17: Hot person: person, person getting married 20NE17 20NE18: Hot thing: thing, thing getting married 21NE18 21NE19: Hot animal: animal, animal house, pet zoo, pet shop, animal museum, pet shelter, animal shelter, pet store 22NE19 22NE20: Hot city: city, city with lots of tourists, city on the edge, city near the sea, city of castles 23NE20 23NE21: Hot country: country, country with lots to see, country near the seas, country in the middle, country on the coast, country at sea 24NE21 24NE22: Hot tourist: tourist, tourist with lots, tourist hotel, tourist spot, tourist, day trip, vacation spot, holiday spot 25NE22 25NE23: Hot culture: culture, culture of countries, culture in general, culture and history, cultural festivals 26NE23 26NE24: Hot business: business, business at work, job site, office, business, job, job opportunity 27NE24 27NE25: Hot family: family, family, children 27NE27 28NE29: Hot holidays: holidays, holiday season, holiday spots, holidays, family vacation, family vacations, holidays 30NE29 30NE30: Hot movie: movie, movie series, movie theaters, movie nights, holiday movie 31NE30 31NE31: Hot TV: TV shows, television series, TV series schedule, TV shows schedule, schedule, time slot 32NE31 32NE32: Hot music: pop music, rock music, rap music, hip hop, rock, rock and roll, rap 32NE33 33NE34: Hot restaurants: restaurant, restaurant restaurant, place where you can get something hot, places where you eat 33NE35 34NE36: Hot kids: kids, children age 13-17, kids age 3-5, kids ages 3-8, kids under age 3, children ages 3 to 5, kids aged 3 to 7, kids in kindergarten or below 34NE37 34NE38: Hot dog: dog, dog and cats, dog-related items, dogs, dogs on wheels, dog food, dog treats, dog accessories 35NE38 35NE39: Hot clothes: clothing, clothes for women, clothes with accessories, clothes made of fur, clothes worn by girls, women’s clothing 36NE39 36NE40: Hot house: house, house with lots and lots of guests, house where you meet, house in the summer, house during the winter, house for special occasions 37NE40 37NE41: Hot restaurant: restaurant restaurant place, restaurant place where the service is offered, place with a lot of guests 38NE41 38NE42: Hot hotel: hotel, hotel in the winter season, place for special occasion, hotel where you have a holiday destination 39NE42 39NE43: Hot cars: cars, car and van, car dealerships, car rental