Why are India and Pakistan trying to build a wall?

The ongoing Kashmir war has stoked fears of a border clash between the two countries, with the Indian Army seeking to push forward its offensive against Pakistan.

As the Indian army and Pakistan-based separatists clash in Kashmir, the Kashmir issue has emerged as an important political issue in the country.

A series of events have put a damper on the peace talks, with both sides accused of trying to prevent the peace process from going forward.

At the beginning of August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called a news conference in New Delhi to announce that he had signed an agreement to form a military-political alliance to fight terrorism and build bridges.

In his address, Modi said the agreement would pave the way for an eventual peace agreement with Pakistan, and that it would not be subject to any reservations.

On August 16, he also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to form an all-India Border Protection Force (BPF) with the support of the Centre.

The agreement will be signed between the Defence Ministry and the Centre next week, and the BPF will be set up at the Indian-administered border town of Srinagar.

After that, the two sides will sign the agreement on September 2, and start work on the construction of the new border.

Both Modi and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have accused the other of holding back progress on the issue.

There is a clear difference in tone between the Indian and Pakistani leaders, with Prime Minister Sharif insisting that there is no alternative to peace talks with India.

“India has been playing games with us for the past five years, so we need to play the game again,” Sharif said at a media event in New York last week.

“This is a game of inches.

This is a fight between two nations, a fight that has been going on for five years and we must not lose this.”

At a press conference earlier this week, Sharif said he hoped the Pakistani leadership would stop the “playing game”.

“I hope the Pakistani leaders will stop this play,” Sharif told reporters.

“I hope that they will stop playing the game of politics.”

While Modi and Sharif have repeatedly made it clear that the peace negotiations will continue, the issue of building a wall between the countries has been one of the few political hot issues in the two decades since the end of the Cold War.

Earlier this year, the United Nations Security Council backed a proposal by Pakistan to build an 8,500-kilometre (4,500 miles) wall along the disputed border.

The resolution called on the Pakistani government to agree to the project.

The wall would be constructed at the cost of $8 billion, but the UN said it would cost more than $8 trillion to build it.

Despite the resolution, the Pakistan government has insisted it is willing to spend the money, despite it costing $1.4 billion.

Since then, Modi and Nawaz have made clear that Pakistan is not interested in a wall, but is instead interested in building bridges.

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