Why the U.S. doesn’t have a full accounting of foreign aid dollars

The Obama administration has said the United States has not paid any taxes on foreign aid to any foreign country since 2010.

Now, that’s changing.

The Trump administration has proposed ending that accounting, calling it an outdated accounting standard that doesn’t make sense in a post-Trump world.

The change comes in the U,S.

budget request.

The Senate approved a resolution calling on Congress to “immediately and completely end the use of foreign tax funds for the purposes of providing foreign aid and assistance, as a part of the Administration’s comprehensive budget proposal.”

The resolution passed in the House last week.

The budget resolution will be put on the floor for a vote this week.

It would require a two-thirds majority in the Senate to pass.

The measure also calls for ending the U’s current practice of accounting for aid and loans received from foreign governments and businesses, even though those countries and businesses often are considered the primary beneficiary of U aid.

It also calls on Congress “to provide additional resources to ensure that all U.s. aid programs are fully accountable for their foreign assistance programs and are fully transparent with the American people.”

Under current law, foreign aid is subject to annual audits by the Treasury Department.

The Treasury Department has been trying to modernize that process, but the process has been plagued by fraud and abuse.

In 2017, Congress voted to stop all audits of U. aid for foreign governments, but it has been unclear how to fund the change.

Under current legislation, the administration could use foreign tax credits and waivers to help cover the cost of the new audit process.

The White House has suggested that it would provide more aid to foreign countries to help offset the cost, but that could raise more questions about the new accounting standard.

The House resolution calls for a separate audit of the entire foreign aid budget, not just the foreign aid account.

Under the current accounting system, it is not clear how much money the Trump administration will be able to claim in tax credits or waivers.

In addition, there are also questions about whether the U could be reimbursed for all of the funds the Trump and Clinton administrations have given overseas.

The administration has not commented on the resolution, but some experts have suggested the administration is using it to pressure Congress to change the accounting standard, and perhaps even to get rid of it altogether.

It could be an effort to gain leverage in the 2018 midterm elections.

Under Trump, Congress has passed several resolutions demanding the administration end its current foreign aid audit and end foreign aid waivers.

The resolutions have been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

House Republicans have called on the administration to stop funding aid for international human rights groups.

In April, Rep. Brad Sherman, the ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, asked the Treasury Inspector General for the Treasury to investigate the Obama administration for not paying any taxes for foreign aid, foreign development assistance, or international education.

In an April 19 letter to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Sherman said that “it is time to end the foreign assistance audit and all foreign aid programs.”

Mnuchin responded with a letter dated April 26, in which he said the administration was complying with the law and was continuing to pay all tax credits, waivers, and other payments.

“The administration has taken a variety of steps to support the UGAT [United Nations Children’s Fund] and UAPL [United States Aid to the Parents of Palestine] programs, including paying foreign governments more than $2.5 billion over the past decade for assistance for children in developing countries,” Mnuchin wrote.

“Additionally, the UAPC [United Arab Emirates] and the UDA [United Kingdom Aid to Development and Education] programs have received billions of dollars in foreign assistance assistance, and the United Kingdom has provided more than a billion dollars in U.A.E. aid over the last three years.”

A separate House Republican leadership aide said Mnuchin has no plans to “pull the plug” on the UASF and UDA programs.

The U.N. Development Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian aid program, is not included in the current bill because it has not been audited by the UPD.

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